Music for You

Here is a selection of the music I’ve written, organized by the purposes the music can serve: music for meditation, music for community, music to enjoy, music for prayer and discernment, and what we can call Big Music: large-scale works that explore complex themes.

For more about me and this music, scroll to the end of this page.

Music for Meditation

No higher power required.

Music for Community

Music for Prayer and Discernment

Higher power involved.

Music for Enjoyment

Isn’t all music meant to be enjoyed? Well, yes, though tons of music is about more than that: to structure rituals, to challenge us, awake us, and so on. But of course, music can be about pleasure, joy, entertainment. Here’s a playlist for that.

Big Music

Longer, more involved works that explore multi-layered ideas and themes.
Worth the listening effort.

To see scores for perusal or performance, use the contact page in the menu above. Here’s my complete catalog, sortable by ensemble and duration.


My music has been performed and commissioned widely, and my choral music is published by E.C. Schirmer, Augsburg Fortress, and See-a-Dot Publishing. I have been awarded artist residencies at MacDowell and Yaddo, and I earned my doctorate in composition at the Yale School of Music/Institute of Sacred Music. I teach music theory at Rutgers and composition at Lucy Moses School and Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop. I founded and direct ComposerCraft, a seminar for young composers. I also work for music and education companies in product development, user care-and-feeding, and instructional design.
More at my website Robinson McClellan.

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