Ravelled music. Ravel means its own opposite: both to weave together or entangle, and also to take apart, disentangle, fray. Our bodies, our spirits, our communities, are constantly doing both.

Making music, creating images (music for the eye), and combining words (music for the mind): each is a way to weave together disparate or like strands. Listening, looking, and reading can mean enjoying the whole fabric, or taking apart the strands to study each, and the whole, more closely.

This site is a place to engage in that process, to share and explore.

Your responses are a vital part of the process of sharing. If you would like to share or re-post content on this site, all requests will be gladly considered.

Everything flows from something else. The ‘RM’ icon at the top of this page comes from this geometric pattern from the Islamic tradition, a decorative door in Cairo. You can see the ‘RM’ just above the center. Scroll down for a fuller explanation.

This incredible design is a dance of many angles, each arising from the tension and engagement between the octagon at center and the pentagons around it: the meeting of four and five. In music, the major third is a ratio of vibrations, one moving four times for every time the other moves five. Looking at this image might feel a bit like listening to a major third.

Each line in the image at the top of this page matches the angle of one of the lines in the Islamic design:

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